Testing the Geysir Gold Plus

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A little while back, Skoies horse equipment had a Facebook campaign where they were searching for a rider to be a test pilot for their new saddle, the Eques Black. When I learned about this, I of course sent in an application, and I waited in patience. Some time later, Skoies announced that they had picked out a rider(not me) to test out the saddle.

But a few moments after, I received a mail from Skoies where they told me that because they liked my application so much, and what I do with Baldur, they decided to have to test riders instead! And that is how I ended up with testing the Geysir Gold Plus.

I received the saddle in the mail about a week ago. It is custom fitted to fit perfectly to Baldur, and I think they have done a great job! I have used the saddle about 3-4 times now, and it is still growing on me! It feels like the saddle is just getting better and better each time we use it. The seat is deep and the support is great! And to be honest, I think I have a better posture in this saddle. Not that my posture is good, it’s just not as bad.

The reason I was a little skeptical in the start of trying this saddle, is because it is very different from the Draupnir SP that I already have had for over a year. So it was a new experience for me to ride in the Geysir Gold Plus, but as I mentioned earlier, it is growing on me!

I will of course keep you guys updated on the saddle front, and I will try to get some videos in action! Some of you have repeatedly requested videos showing Baldur’s different gaits and how we work out, so I am hoping to make that happen very soon!


As you can see above, this saddle gives massive support!


12 thoughts on “Testing the Geysir Gold Plus

  1. Very nice photos of you and your horse. He looks like a wonderful fellow! The saddle look nice and I like the shorter thigh block.. I am not comfortable with saddles that have long thigh blocks and my knees are up against them. I look forward to videos! I have ridden Icelandic horses in the past and also driven one in a driving workshop.

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