Baldur’s relationship with water

I think both me and Baldur have some unresolved arguments when it comes to going to the beach and into the water. Baldur was never really in love with water when I first started to lease him, but I on the other hand, love the water. So of course, I try to make him like it too. The thing is, Baldur is an insecure type.

Baldur scares easily, and he doesn’t like to be put in positions where he thinks there could be danger. One of the first things I noticed with Baldur when we were in water, was the fact that he is scared because he can’t see his feet. This was proven when I started stroking his feet underwater, and he freaked like a baby. He rose on his back feet and tried to get away, almost like me when I walk into seaweed(I hate seaweed).

So after this, I have basically been trying my best to make the water a good place for him. I can ride him a little bit in the water, but both me and Baldur feel more safe when I am in the water with him. He usually tries to cling to me and becomes a little too pushy, but he usually back off when I’ve had enough. He is also the type of horse who thinks it is so much fun to splash water, and then gets scared because it splashes too much.

Today was no exception. We started off riding, and it ended with me jumping into the water with him. The water was actually quite nice, even though it is in a Norwegian fjord. The sun kept us warm and the water’s temperature was just right. We didn’t get to go as far out for a swim as I wanted to, because the tide was too far up to reach the deep parts of the beach.


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