A much needed hoof-makeover

Today Baldur got a much needed appointment with the farrier. It has only been 8 weeks since the last time he was shod, but his hooves are so dry that they are cracking. The cracking makes me nervous of course, but I was assured it was not a crisis. 


Baldur’s shoes before taking them off to start the trim. On the right front hoof, I actually pulled off one of the seams, as Baldur had stepped on himself, bending the seam outwards. At first I used a hammer to get it back in place, but the next day the result was the same, so I simply pulled it out. Better than having it in, and the part of the hoof was gone anyhow.


Baldur’s bare feet ready to be transformed!


Baldur is actually very good when it comes to being shod. He is a spooky and careful horse, but with the farrier he chills out as if nothing is going on. He is also the type who will lift his feet before the farrier even asks him to pick it up – such a gentleman!


I am always fascinated with how light his hooves can be when they are filed. But the next day they go back to being tan again. I could of course scrub them every day, but who does that?


Baldur thought it was smart to lean his head and use the farrier as a pillow. At least he doesn’t have trust issues with him!


The finished result – before I go crazy with the hoof oils!


If you focus on the tip of the shoe, you can see an upside-down Icelandic horse doing the tölt! One detail that I love about these shoes!


Shiny feet after being thoroughly oiled by me, an attempt at keeping them moisturized to prevent cracking!


While I was at it, I also decided to take a photo to show you guys Baldur’s confirmation. Right now he has a little bit of belly fat and not much in the muscle front, but he hasn’t been worked as hard this summer.

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