Training tölt – Aztec Diamond Equestrian

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I just have to start this blog post by expressing how awed I am by Baldur today. He was an absolute champ and he worked his heart out. He really did impress me big time, he delivered in so many ways!

I recently received two base layers from Aztec Diamond Equestrian, and I have to say that I had a little doubt in them. But they surprised me by the quality of their products! I have only used the navy base layer once yet, but so far I am in LOVE with it! It fit me perfectly and it breathes so well, perfect for training in hot weather, as we did today. And of course, the design is beautiful. I believe this is the kind of training/workout sweater I have been looking for. It fulfills all my criteria. It is a tight fit, it breathes, and it looks awesome. I will of course be testing these base layers more, and I do believe they will be a standard in my riding wardrobe.

But moving on to today’s workout, Baldur was superb! He was calm, but he still had a lot of energy to bring on the table. I was worried about action as I forgot my whip(not for touching him), but he really proved that he was in the game today! He was light, energized and so focused on his job. He was such a delight to ride.

Oh, and I almost forgot that I entered us in a competition that is in a months time. I feel like we are ready to get back into competing now. I am not expecting much, but a B-finale would be so cool. I am hoping for the best, so now we are focused on working hard and enjoying the ride!

Oh, and an update on the saddle front! I am again just more and more in love with this saddle, and I am so confused on whether to purchase it or not. I am planning to try out another saddle very soon, so I am guessing that my choice will be made between those two saddle. Exciting!


12 thoughts on “Training tölt – Aztec Diamond Equestrian

  1. Echoing others, your photos are phenomenal, in color and light. And they show the great partnership you and Baldur have. Aztec Diamond seems a good company too.

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