GOPRO – Sunny hack with Baldur

So this day was really something! If you know me and Baldur, you would definitely not believe it if I said I was on a hack with Baldur and another equipage cantering and tölting on long reins. For about a year, it has been almost impossible to hack Baldur together with other horses other than at a walk. Because if we went any faster, I would have a bolting horse.

But Baldur has been absolutely amazing lately, and I do believe our new feed is helping a lot in that department. I will be writing more about the supplement I have started using in another blog . But that will come later! Anyhow, I know that it has had a big effect on Baldur. He is much more calm and relaxed, and even with traffic he is a gentleman(he is normally a very nervous and skittish horse when it comes to traffic).

Back to this day, it was me, Baldur, Maja and Drifandi riding a small route(about 40 minutes) in the beautiful landscape we have in Hamar. It was so sunny, warm and it was just a delight with calm and relaxed horses as a cherry on the top. A success if I can say so myself!

10 thoughts on “GOPRO – Sunny hack with Baldur

  1. I keep considering whether or not to invest in a Go Pro for everyday riding as well as some evidence for when we are out hacking and have silly motorists screaming past! Great post and nice to join you onboard Baldur! 🙂

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