Baldur’s first meet with the walker

After the lesson we had with Stian Pedersen, we decided to introduce Baldur to the walker that they have at the facility. According to how he reacted towards the walker, it became clear that this was his very first time. He didn’t understand the mechanics at first, but he quickly got the hang of it!

There were a few times where he was “caught” by the separation walls inside the walker, so he would spook a little bit and jump forward, but that was only in the start of course. After a while he got used to it, and he seemed to enjoy it a lot! He really got to use his body at the walk, longing his steps and engaging the behind. It was a beautiful sight! This was also a few days after his chiropractic treatment, and it clearly made a big difference!

Another cool thing about their walker was the fact that they have small hills that the horses have to walk over, both uphill and downhill!

This was not a very long post, because how much detail can I give you from a 10-minute session? Enjoy the photos!


Over: The hind leg action is real!


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