GOPRO – Trick training

Today was a bit of a special day. To be completely honest, me and Baldur have not been trick training since forever. We are completely rusted down, but I believe we are ready to rinse off the rust and get back to tricks again!

The weather was beautiful today, although it was windy. I focused mostly on tricks that Baldur is familiar with, but we are also sniffing the possibility to learn the classical bow. I am planning on taking this trick very slowly, as this puts him in a vulnerable position, and Baldur does not even let me come to him while he lies down, so I need to be patient and earn his trust on this one.

I did also record my daily routines today, but I had put the camera on photo mode, so instead of getting a long video including all of my stable routines, I ended up with probably ten thousand blurry photos. Yay me! Better luck next time, I guess.

8 thoughts on “GOPRO – Trick training

  1. I so wish I had my own horse to be able to do things like this! I loved watching your video. You might want to check out Lindsey Partridge of Harmony Horsemanship. She has a YouTube channel. She trains ex-racers for the Retired Racehorse Project and also for tv and movies. She may inspire you for some new tricks!

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