EQmach and it’s effect on Baldur

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While I was at the Nordic Championships for Icelandic horses this summer, I visited EQmach’s stand. One of my good friends is actually one of their salesmen, and she recommended me to try out EQmach. Stian Pedersen(who I rode for in this blog) also recommended me to try EQmach on Baldur. So long story short, we have been using this product for a month now, and I am positively surprised!


EQmach helps the horse by reducing the lactic acids. This means that it is possible to work more intensively without the horse being bothered by the lactic acids that usually occur when being worked hard and after a hard workout. In other words, there is less lactic acids under training and the chances of having a stole horse after an intensive workout is reduced.

But going back to our own experience! We have, as mentioned, tried EQmach for a month now, and I have actually noticed a lot of changes! As it it wasn’t enough that Baldur can endure more in the training, he is also way more focused than he used to be. He doesn’t pay as much attention to his surroundings, he is more focused towards me and the work he is doing.

He has also calmed down considerably, and he takes life with a relaxed mind. He still does have a crap ton of energy, but he manages to “keep it in” and not use his energy unless it is necessary, it that makes any sense?


If you guys have read my other recent blogs or follow us on Instagram, you may have noticed that I and Maja have started to ride a lot of hacks including speed(such as hacks with the horses at full speed in galopp). Earlier this year, riding hacks like this was something I could only dream of. I remember from this spring when both Baldur and Maja’s horse Drifandi would bolt at any time. So hacks with only walking and many precautions were our standard thing. But the horses have until now not bolted once!

As many of you know, I entered me and Baldur in a gaited competition that will be in the start of October, something we are looking forward to! And with preparations for the competition, comes the intensive training. We have been working out pretty hard lately with fast tölt, and it is really giving results. I am hoping we can show this at the competition. It is hard to put this down how much Baldur has changed for the good by eating EQmach in black and white in this little period of time, but we are definitely moving in the right direction!


I will most likely keep updating on the effects EQmach has on Baldur and how it works, but I can, with my hand on my heart, recommend this product. As of right now, EQmach has released a new taste to their product, so that the picky eaters will eat this too. So of course, they are having a campaign right now where they sell single EQmach for their standard monthly subscription price(reduced in other words). If you are interested in knowing more, you can get more information at EQmach’s websites. I know for sure that I will keep using EQmach.

And for you who are considering to order, use the voucher code 009 when cashing out, and there is a little discount as well!

Have you ever heard of, or tried EQmach? 

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