Training tölt

On friday we finally got the chance to get some new video clips filmed with my DSLR camera. Usually we go for my small Handycam videocamera, but there is no matching the quality on my Canon 5D Mark II. The only downfall to recording video with the DSLR camera is that there is no auto focus, so the focus has to be done manually. But I think Maja did a great job filming these clips(she also shot the photos).

Back to the riding! It was a very hot day, and Baldur was very slow, with not as much energy as he usually has. This is mostly because his fur has already grown so long for the winter, so I will be clipping him very soon(I am actually planning on filming the session with my GoPro). Hoping he will be able to endure a bit more without the warm coat holding him back!

And we are by the way still loving the Geysir Gold Plus saddle! It is so comfortable to ride in, and I actually think Baldur likes is too. He has been such a gentleman with this saddle. As a rider, we all know the stress of finding a perfect saddle. I do believe this one is perfect for us.

I am still very excited for the competition coming up in a month! There is a lot to work on till then, but I do feel more prepared than I ever have before a gaited competition, and there is still a month left before we go in the ring!

Anyhow, enjoy the new photos and video!


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