Playing dress-up

I figured I would post the photos from this shoot we had late summer, before I decided to cut my hair short(BIG MISTAKE). The weather this day was actually quite perfect for photographing, the sun was up, but it was cloudy enough that the shadows would blend in a nice way. Talking photo-geek language!

And as the equestrian I am, I bought this dress, used it in this photoshoot, and it has been forgotten inside my closet ever since! So much for photos, am I right? I might be a little too excited about photos, but to me, quality is the number one on my priority list! My poor friends who get so much instructions, “do this, sit there, crawl here”, it’s weird they don’t get mad with me!

As a little update, I am thinking of digging inside my norwegian blog archive and translate my “golden posts” that received a lot of attention. I have planned to translate the blog I wrote about using your seat when riding, and also some other “opinion blogs”. Just so that I don’t bore you guys with only photoshoot blogs and updates.

I think it will be a nice way to “present” myself more to you, my readers, and let you know what I feel and think of about different topics.


4 thoughts on “Playing dress-up

  1. Lovely photos! I totally understand about the dress. I have loads but I never wear them, I’m always in jeans or breeches and a t-shirt. I’ve been thinking of doing a photoshoot this fall. I’m always behind the camera instead of in front.

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