Summer eczema – our routines

Life with an Icelandic horse with summer eczema has it’s struggles. I have had three years of experimenting and trying products to make Baldur’s life with eczema a little better, and I thought I would show you all what our routines are for preventing itching and keeping his condition at bay. 

The number one thing I always have available(and stocked up) is Shapley’s M-T-G. This product has really helped us get through the summers, and for mane growth and itch prevention. When I started leasing Baldur, he barely had any many, most of his mane was gone, his forelock was thin and his tail was scratched. Compared to now, he looked awful, but we have slowly worked our way towards a long mane and a full forelock and tail. M-T-G has really done it’s job on Baldur. I use this product once a week when the conditions are good, but in worse condition, I will apply this daily or every other day.


Ultra Shield is also a thing I keep in my locker. I do not spray him every day, but the days where the insects are at it’s worst, he does get a little shower of this bug repellent! It works great, but I am thinking of finding something stronger for next season.


One of the most important things for Baldur’s summer is the eczema/fly rug. This keeps the insects from biting him in the covered areas. He does also go out with a full-coverage fly mask to prevent eye infections and bites to the cheeks.


Note that the rug has been fixed after this photo was taken, he has two different rugs so that it is easy to switch if one get’s ruined.


As for applying M-T-G, I take a generous amount of product on his roots and rub it in. I apply it on the roots of his tail, mane and forelock.


It’s also less greasy to use a brush, but I like to do both just to be sure everything is coated and massaged in.


I can with joy say that the last couple of years have been Baldur’s best years with summer eczema, and I do believe we have “won” over this pest. But I will continue the search for even better products to make the summers even more comfortable for my four-legged love.

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