Pray this isn’t cancer

This blog post is going to be somewhat messy and chaotic, but I am trying my best to collect my thoughts. I recently noticed that Baldur had swelling in his sheath, and I contacted the vet and we made an appointment. As well as checking up, I decided to get his teeth fixed in the same go.

The vet showed up at 10 AM monday morning. Drifandi(Maja’s horse) had his teeth floated first, Baldur was second in line. The floating went really great, and his teeth was perfectly fine, nothing wrong.

The vet gave him a “special” drug to make it easier for Baldur to drop his “magic stick” for inspection. It was not pretty. There were loads of tallow, dirt and it just looked very infected. The vet cleaned everything up, and then noticed that Baldur had white spots all over his manhood, as well as discoloration. She told me not to take my sorrows in advance, and not to panic, but she had treated a horse that had the same symptoms – and this was cancer.

When the words fell out of her mouth, I think I kind of died on the inside. How, what, why? I was completely clueless and lost for words. Of course, this was worst case scenario, and it wasn’t sure at all that this is cancer. Best case scenario, this is “just” an infection that can be treated with antibiotics and such, but I am honestly just so worried and I am of course fearing the worst.

Behavior-wise, Baldur is unchanged, and he is acting like normal, thankfully. The competition is still on, but I have really changed my mindset. I am not entering to get good grades and showing off my horse. Now I am entering because I can. The day after the show, we have a new appointment with the vet. She will inspect again and see if we need to get a biopsy to send to the lab.

I hope and pray that it is only an infection and that it does get better in these two next weeks, but I am, as mentioned earlier, clueless. October 1st is our 2 years anniversary, it is supposed to be a day of joy, happiness and celebration, but I don’t know how this day will be. October 2nd is the next appointment with the vet, and I pray to the higher forces for a healthy horse.


Photo above: Baldur had is first dose of the drugs before floating, slowly getting tired.


Photo above: Dose number two, as he was still too awake.


Photo above: The floating begins!


Photo above: A couple hours later, he is enjoying his meal outside in his paddock. I used his rebound time to do some fur-clipping.


Photo above: To try and keep the area as clean as possible, I shaved around his sheath when I shaved the rest of him too. 


Photo above: Baldur enjoying his meal and new clip!


16 thoughts on “Pray this isn’t cancer

  1. Mathilde I know this is incredibly hard but don’t panic. It sounds like there was a lot of debris in his sheathe that can be the cause. Keep us updated and I’m sending lots of love and positive thoughts your way.


  2. My heart goes out to you. Chances are it will be just an infection but I know how impossible it is to not worry. I’ve been there and done that. But despite all that you are right to go to the competition and do it just because you can. Every day with our horses is a gift. I will ask the Spirit Healers to help Baldur.

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  3. Have a blood test done to see if there are high levels of blood calcium concentration, as an elevated blood calcium concentration (hypercalcemia) can indicate cancer. Lets us know what happens! Thinking of you!

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