Blog review: The Scottish Rider

In light of an amazing group I am lucky to be a part of, also known as Equestrian Bloggers on Facebook, I made a little challenge to the members. The challenge was to join be assigned a blog to review honestly, and in return, getting a review back from someone else. Excited to see how this goes, and if this will be a success or not. But I do hope it helps to put more bloggers in the light. I was assigned to review Fiona Murray’s blog The Scottish Rider.

Let me start by introducing Fiona Murray and her horse. It is not unclear that this equipage is located in beautiful Scotland. She bought her stunning red mare at her last year of university, and she is currently working full time on developing her own career as well as her mare’s. When her mare was purchased, she was still very green. They ended up at a barn that holds competitions on site, and they are ready to really start developing together.


My very first impression when going into Fiona’s blog is the layout and header. The layout is very clean and easy to navigate, which is lovely! And the header image is of her beautiful chestnut mare. I think the design itself is very nice and simple, not too much going on, and not messy at all! Which makes it very comfortable to navigate through her blog!

Something I find interesting about Fiona’s blog is that she posts the competition results in a page of it’s own! Something I will most likely take inspiration from on my own, as it’s super clever to have so both you and your followers can keep track of results! And as a number two, I love the timehop memories, it’s really great to look back at earlier days and reflect! If there is one thing that trumps the two reasons mentioned above, it’s Fiona’s use of GIF’s(especially in the moody mare and rider fitness blogs). It’s absolutely hilarious and it’s impossible to stop reading when she uses the GIF’s!

Fiona Murray sitt bilde.

As for the blog content, I find her blog very helpful! Not only does she post about her daily life in the equestrian world, but there is also much knowledge to receive! For example rider fitness and horse rugging.

When it comes to photos, I would absolutely love more of them! I think there can never be too many photos, even if it is in a blog! I am not a huge fan of mobile phone pictures, but in this case, I feel it gives more of a personal trait to the blog, and that’s not a bad thing at all! But again, I would love more photos!

All in all, Fiona’s blog is definitely worth a peek! Her blog is fresh, only a month older than my own blog, and I love being able to follow her from the start(almost at least).

Oh, and Fiona! I loved your first vlog, I would love to see more!

Check out The Scottish Rider here!

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