Above all expectations at Biri

I have to start off this post by admitting that I am quite speechless. Baldur really had me shook today, he kept surprising me over and over again! He was an absolute gentleman, and he performed like never before!

In the light of today’s competition at Biri Travbane, I also have to mention that today, October 1st, marks our second year anniversary. Exactly two years ago, I signed the contract for my amazing horse. Days like today make med look back at that moment and I know I did the right thing.

I was honestly expecting the worst today, as we have literally not been in the sand arena more than once in three months. The only training and working out we have done, has been on trails and hacks. This also proves that there can never be too many hacks! Baldur has been in great shape for a long time now, but since I never had access to ride in the sand arena, I have been anxious about how he would perform. But man did he surprise me today!


My alarm was set to 6AM and at 6:30AM, me and Maja were picked up to head to the stables. I got all the tack and equipment ready, and then I groomed Baldur and put on his transport protection. At about 9AM, we arrived at the showgrounds. I was first in class, and the class was set to start at 10AM. I was really nervous, but the workout we had for Caroline Gleditsch Holstad a couple days before helped me keep calm.

Baldur felt really good at warm-up, and he was great in the arena! He was a little strong in T3(tölt class), but he had just the right amount of energy to handle. He collected nicely and had probably the best slow tölt he has ever had(with me at least). And he did great at the fast tölt as well, so he gave me a really good feeling. We ended up with a total grade of 4,83 which placed us at 2nd in the first class!


In the second class, which was V2(four gaits), he also did great! We had a very slow trot(I tried to push him forward, but he was happily ignoring me at trotting on like I didn’t exist), but he still delivered! The tölt again was fabulous, so nothing more to say about that! His canter was a little so-and-so. He was a little feisty, so I had to hold him back quite a bit, and at one point he tried to bolt. I managed to get contact with him again just in time for the fast tölt!

Despite the two mishaps, we ended up breaking our old record! So our total grade in four gaits was 5,43, and I couldn’t be more satisfied! And guess what? This meant another 2nd place ribbon for us! I am extremely excited, as we have never come so far to actually get 2nd place ribbons, so getting two at one competition really exceeded my expectations!

Of course, Maja came with me as mental and physical support, as well as being the photographer! I am forever grateful to her for always being there for me. So I have to say that today was a perfect day. I am more than happy and it brought me so much joy to see and feel that Baldur was happy too.


14 thoughts on “Above all expectations at Biri

  1. Congrats! It’s refreshing to see such a unique breed and cool to see a different type of showing to fit the breed. Baldur is beautiful! I must second Heather’s comment and say I wish I could get someone to take great photos like that for me. Alas, I am very limited without nice equipment and a photographer.

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    • Thank you so much, Alexi! I actually spent all my savings to get my camera and lenses when I was around 18 years old(I wasn’t allowed to buy a horse, so a professional camera was the next best thing). I am very lucky to have one of my closest friends to take photos!


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