The first round of chemo treatments

Starting off with a warning that the photos in this blog may come as a little graphic and nasty. On Monday, we finally had our first session with the chemo treatments to try and take out the cancer. 

The veterinarian showed up at about 1 pm, and we were ready to roll. She started off cleaning him again. There was a lot of dirt and still some infected areas, but it’s looking much better than before already. The whole day was a bit of a process, so let me take this step by step.


Photo taking while doing the wash and cleanup. The photo above shows the discoloration that we were troubled with. It’s starting to dry out and flake off, so it’s a good sign already. But there is still a long way to go.


Still not done with the washing, but here you can see some of the residue.


In the photo above, you can see our main problem, the benine cancerous papillomas. The occur as white spots, almost looking like blemishes, all over his penis. They have yet again grown in size and number, so it’s good we are able to start the treatment so soon.


There is also being formed some kind of tallow around his urethra.


The Efudix is being applied. This is the cream that acts like chemo. It will slowly burn away the skin and the papillomas. A painful process, but hopefully they will be gone in three treatments!


Finally, Baldur getting a good dose of pain killers. I also received some pain killers to give him the two following days through a tube in the mouth.



Above and under are the two new additions to my health supply. The Efudix cream and Metacam(pain killers).


Ending this little blog post with a picture of the patient recovering from the drugs. He doesn’t look very pleased, does he?

9 thoughts on “The first round of chemo treatments

  1. Oh my this is a tough one for both of you. Oddly enough I have used that cream on my skin. I have had some patches that are on their way to being cancerous and the cream effectively burns them off. I see a dermatologist every six months and that is how I got the cream. I can say it has been very effective for me and I hope it will for Baldur as well.

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