Challenging my fate

Another Norwegian term I like to use when I am doing something reckless! Okay, it may not seem like an incredible stunt or something dangerous at all, but keep in mind that my little painted goof-ball has had some issues with holding his energy at bay. So I do feel pretty bad ass for letting go of the reins – bareback, in canter, on the fields.

But here we are! I have to admit that Baldur has become much calmer and relaxed over the years, much thanks to Witanor Horse(feed supplement) for helping on that department. But he has also come to a point in his age where he starts to grow up. At least I hope this is it. I mean, he is 12 years old. How much longer is he going to act like a baby?

Back to riding bareback with no reins – this isn’t new to us at all, but everything becomes riskier once you leave the gate and go out in the open. I’m not going to lie, I have been on plenty of hacks bareback in just a neck rope, but it has been a while since that time. But as it looks now, we might be heading back to that. At least I might try to ride him on the fields with a neck rope and the bridle as an emergency brake. You can never be too safe, right?

Now back to these photos, this was actually the day after I received the call from the veterinarian confirming Baldur has a benign cancer. So having a photo shoot to get my mind elsewhere was much needed! We had a lot of fun, and it was so freeing to ride across the fields like this.


Photo above: I absolutely love the colors in this! I am not really a fan of orange, but the colors of autumn never let me down!


Photo above: I gave him loose reins in the canter to see where is mindset was at. He was relaxed and available. I always test my limits before I cross them!


Photo above: Slowly letting go of the reins, one hand at a time. Still testing our limits here!


Photo above: Finally letting go and getting the extra feeling of freedom.


Photo above: And of course, a photo shoot is never complete without some action shots(we don’t really rear often, it is mostly for play or photos).


Photo above: Did you know I taught Baldur to rear on voice command? This way he knows the rear both riding and on ground, by simply having the same noise cue. He is very clever! And it also releases me from having to put contact on the bit.

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