Second round of treatments

The day has finally come for the second round of the chemo treatments. I was a bit nervous as to finding out how the treatment is working so far, and the veterinarian is still optimistic! The chemicals in the cream has burned little by little on the papillomas. Some of them have become smaller, and are not “sticking out” as much as before. It’s not much, but it is definitely progress!

As if it wasn’t stressful enough to have a cancerous horse, at least the bills are not one of my stress factors anymore. I am almost looking forward to getting the bills and being able to pay them instantly. The fund to pay for Baldur’s treatment bills has risen to $2,450 USD, it’s really insane! After paying the final bill and clearing Baldur of cancer, any remaining amount will go to Prince Fluffy Kareem and Kreftforeningen(Norway’s Cancer Society). So I am really excited about that too!

Our next treatment session will be in two weeks, and since Baldur handled the treatment so well, today’s treatment was with even more of the cream. So I am curious to how Baldur’s manhood will look like for the next treatment.

I can gladly say that Baldur has been acting like himself. But due to lack in motivation when it comes to training, he has become very stiff. But that is something we will have to work on!


Photo above: Baldur getting more and more droopy from the drugs. Since he has been regularly drugged these past months, he is starting to handle them less and less. So today he was really sleepy.


Photo above: Cleaning out! It’s starting to get easier and easier to clean him out, as the infection is leaving. So just that is a very good sign!


Photo above: I couldn’t help myself to take this photo. Baldur never drops his lips, but today was the day he went all out. He dropped his top lip as well!


Photo above: Putting on a more generous amount of cream this time. As he didn’t react bad to it at all. She is only putting cream on the papillomas, hence why she is only putting on dots.


Ending this post with Baldur’s droopy and sleepy face. He is such a hero to me. 

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