Throwback Tuesday #1

I thought I’d do a little series of throwbacks to show all of you our journey so far. I started writing this blog two years after my first meet with Baldur, so not many of you have seen us from day one. That’s why I think this will be something fun. Also for me, looking back at these old videos really do bring out good old memories.

As for the the first throwback Tuesday, why not start at the beginning? In fact, let’s start with the very first video I posted of Baldur. My best friend Isabelle was so kind to film one of our early trick training sessions. We were very fresh on each other, trying to learn communication. Baldur was so positive and willing to learn, he was(and still is) a joy to work with!

Also, do you notice his stunning, long mane and forelock? Absolutely gorgeous. NOT. This is how he looked when I started leasing him. No mane, small forelock and an eaten-up tail. As well as a thick coat of yellow fur. Such an eye-pleaser, am I right? He almost looks like an over-grown yearling, but he was actually 10 years old here.

Looking back at this, I start to miss the times when I actually worked him at liberty consistently. Since we didn’t understand each other, it was necessary for us to work like this from the ground.

This video is dated to January 28th of 2015, 16 days into leasing Baldur. It’s actually really weird how almost 3 years have past now! It almost feels like it was yesterday when I first laid my eyes on him. I am of course hoping that we will get many more years together.


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