Baldur with a fresh rider

So, last weekend Anneli came to Hamar to visit me and Maja. We ended up going on a little trip to Sweden, going out to a restaurant to eat pizza, and then Anneli got to try out Baldur a couple of times! 

According to Anneli, Baldur is pretty much the opposite of her Icelandic Horse Kári, and it was a new experience for her. It was also good for me to see him with another rider and how he reacts to Anneli. It’s also a great way for me to see him being worked, without seeing him from above.

Anneli was really excited about trying out my Geysir Gold Plus saddle as well, as she is interested in buying it. I think I can say that she was very happy with it, and she liked it very much! So I don’t think it will be long until she gets one of her own, haha!

I think Baldur and Anneli were a great match! Some confusion in the start, since Baldur isn’t like what she is used to. If he understands what you ask, he is not hard to ask at all. But if there is confusion, he will clearly notify that he does not understand.

So I learned that Baldur indeed is a little bit tricky to ride in before you really get to know his riding “style”. I do also enjoy having a tricky horse, so when I actually have progress with him, it isn’t taken as lightly, if I can say it that way.

Anyways! It was fun to watch Baldur being worked by Anneli and how he responded to her. The weather was great, and the mood for the day. It was also fun for me to photograph my own horse in action and capturing the moments.


Photo above: I absolutely love the light in this photo. It is subtle, but strong. And the new snow makes everything better!


Photo above: Moving those hindquarters like a champ!


Photo above: At it again with the lights! 


Photo above: I think both the horse and rider enjoyed themselves.


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