Recap of the year 2017

As most of you can probably understand, 2017 has been a hell of a year for me. It has consisted of unsteady water and rocky roads as far as eye can see. At least the last six months have been a struggle, to say the least. So I’d like to like to take a look-back at the year.

The year started off with riding moderately. I was very focused on the show jumping and entering shows. So we had regular lessons for a trainer and we entered one competition(it didn’t go very well though). We even experienced some falls along the way. One due to bolting, one due to rider’s error in jumping and one was an accident where Baldur spooked and gently tipped me off. It’s weird how all these falls came in a two-month-period, after not falling off for 2 years. I guess the time was due?

Moving on to spring break, I took Baldur back to Ålesund for the break. That’s when my likings for the gaited bloomed once again. I came back into a gaited environment, and both I and loved it. We got the chance to ride for a world champion and we had great feedback, which really sparked my motivation to get back into gaited competitions.

The fall came and we went back to Hamar for studies. At that point, my interest and motivation was at it’s peak. Me and Maja would ride literally every day. No dressage, no jumping, just hacks. She would ride as usual, and I would push Baldur in the tölt-training. Turns out training tölt on hacks is great for building muscle! And it really showed. Baldur was in great shape and ready for fight. We entered our first gaited competition in Hamar and it was amazing. I was thrilled.

Little did I know that it was drastically going to change when I noticed that Baldur’s sheath was swelling. I tried to wash it out to see if anything changed, but a couple days later, the swelling was still bad. But the veterinarian was on the way to float the horses, and I asked her to check him in the same day. Baldur was drugged and his sheat and penis was cleaned. There were some spots and skin that raised suspicion, and a biopsy was made two weeks later(the day after the gaited competition).

And we all know that the results were positive for cancer. After getting that message, everything went south. My mood dropped and I became so vulnerable, anxiety really took me by the ear and didn’t let go. I was totally unstable and anything could make me cry. But I had to keep going, there was no other option for me but to keep my head high and move forward.

Baldur was treated with chemo therapy every two weeks and when almost all the cancer was gone and I was starting to feel the relief, something had to happen. Baldur was suddenly lame and couldn’t walk. He would fall with every step and it was horrible. The veterinarian came(this was in the middle of treatments) and checked for bone breakage first. No breaks. It turned out it was a hoof crushing, and it had to be drained of blood. Baldur recovered in a couple of days, and we shoed him with pads to prevent him from taking more damage to the already thin sole.

I handed in my exams and before leaving home for the holidays, I finally able to breathe. We had another veterinary visit, and this time there was no need for another treatment as everything was gone. It was exactly what I needed and more. I could cry of joy. I know it’s not over yet, there are follow-ups to do, but man, I was relieved. It was the perfect end of a hectic year. All I can really say now it that i really look forward to the new year.

3D-model of Conversano

So, I am finally back home in Ålesund with my parents enjoying the relaxed life of no horse, no school and no work. To make the best out of the time here, I have decided to really dive into modeling. I got some experience last semester with modeling, but I never actually finished a horse model, as I never had time.

Now, however, I have all the time in the world! I can sit for hours in and really get to work in the 3D-space. I decided my first model was going to be a model of Conversano(one of the forefathers to the Lipizzan). I used one reference photo that was an old, drawn lineart from the side view. And I looked at many other references, especially close-ups of horse faces, muzzles and ears.

I am by no means an artist yet, my drawings are horrible(I literally can’t draw even if my life depended on it). So I don’t really understand how I manage to make a sculpture in three dimentions. I guess it will stay a mystery. But I am very pleased with the results(if we look away from the mane, it’s horrible), and I am excited to start working on the next model!

I am definitely going to try to make Baldur as well. And I am thinking of opening up for commissions. But I think I have to get back to that. I can however imagine it would be cool for “non-animators” to get a 3D-model of their horse. Maybe I can do a giveaway?

Without further adieu, let me present to you; Conversano.


Don’t forget to turn on HQ and full screen! ↓

And lastly, I’d like to ask. What do you think? Is this a kind of blog post that I should keep making and sharing with you?

We made it

Yesterday, Thuesday on December 11th, we could finally rest easy. The veterinarian came over for the year’s last treatment and behold – no more treatments were necessary! All of the papillomas are gone, and there is only scar tissue left where they used to be.

I was probably the happiest girl on the planet while speaking with the veterinarian. Every single papilloma is gone. Every little one. I can’t really describe how much relief I got in that moment. Knowing that we actually made it through all of this. I mean, we did it! We really made it!

I am at the point of being speechless, because there is not really anything else to say. We beat this cancer, and we will continue to beat it. After seeing the veterinarian every other week(sometimes more than once a week), it is almost weird that it is one and a half month till next time we have the veterinarian over. It is to have a control check to make sure that everything is as it should be.


Baldur will be checked then, and if everything is okay, he will be checked only once or twice a year. It’s amazing how strong Baldur has been through this, I am so proud of him.

As a little side-update, I am going home to Ålesund tomorrow to be with my family. My leasee will be taking care of Baldur, as well as a good friend. So I can relax and know that Baldur is in good hands while I take a break. I also delivered my exams last week, and I am very pleased with what I delivered. So I am very positive and ready to chill out for Christmas.

I will be doing some 3D modeling while on holiday, and I am hoping to model the head of Conversano, and maybe Baldur as well. I don’t know what the results will be, but I think I will share it here if I am pleased! Other than that, I said my goodbyes to Baldur, and I will see him again when I get back to Hamar next year.


Photo above: As you can see, there are no more white spots to be seen!


Photo above: The darker areas of his penis are the scar tissues that have come. They will probably heal and disappear, as they are very vague already!


I love my man to bits.