We made it

Yesterday, Thuesday on December 11th, we could finally rest easy. The veterinarian came over for the year’s last treatment and behold – no more treatments were necessary! All of the papillomas are gone, and there is only scar tissue left where they used to be.

I was probably the happiest girl on the planet while speaking with the veterinarian. Every single papilloma is gone. Every little one. I can’t really describe how much relief I got in that moment. Knowing that we actually made it through all of this. I mean, we did it! We really made it!

I am at the point of being speechless, because there is not really anything else to say. We beat this cancer, and we will continue to beat it. After seeing the veterinarian every other week(sometimes more than once a week), it is almost weird that it is one and a half month till next time we have the veterinarian over. It is to have a control check to make sure that everything is as it should be.


Baldur will be checked then, and if everything is okay, he will be checked only once or twice a year. It’s amazing how strong Baldur has been through this, I am so proud of him.

As a little side-update, I am going home to Ålesund tomorrow to be with my family. My leasee will be taking care of Baldur, as well as a good friend. So I can relax and know that Baldur is in good hands while I take a break. I also delivered my exams last week, and I am very pleased with what I delivered. So I am very positive and ready to chill out for Christmas.

I will be doing some 3D modeling while on holiday, and I am hoping to model the head of Conversano, and maybe Baldur as well. I don’t know what the results will be, but I think I will share it here if I am pleased! Other than that, I said my goodbyes to Baldur, and I will see him again when I get back to Hamar next year.


Photo above: As you can see, there are no more white spots to be seen!


Photo above: The darker areas of his penis are the scar tissues that have come. They will probably heal and disappear, as they are very vague already!


I love my man to bits.

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