Moving Baldur to Stall Lehne

Yesterday was a big day for us! We finally moved the horses to a new location; Stall Lehne. We have been excited about this for a couple of month already, and now it’s finally done!

Me and Maja both moved our horses together, as both human and horses are inseparable. Having such a great best friend is definitely something I am grateful for. We spent the whole day in the old barn to clean up after us before our ride arrived. We loaded the horses and set course for the new barn.

It went really smooth and the horses seemed very content, so we decided to check out the riding halls. I was skeptical about Baldur’s response to the mirrors, but I was pleasantly surprised that they didn’t bother him as much! The boys did great riding-wise and we could saddle off at ease. Both of them got carrots for their work and were put in their boxes.

A great end to an exciting day!

3 thoughts on “Moving Baldur to Stall Lehne

  1. I am so impressed with how well he stands, even without crossties and in the new barn with just one tie. Biasini would be all over the place. He is just dreadful and in the 3 years I have had him nothing I have done has made much of a difference. Maybe I should try not tying him! Ha Ha! In his stall he’s fine but in the grooming stall….. dreadful. Nice video


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