Finally back on track

I can finally say that we are headed in the right direction training-wise! We have started to settle at the new barn quite well, and we are loving it. It’s less stressful to get to and from the stables, and the routines are just going like a dream. Having a riding house really gives me no excuse to not ride, which in return gives me a lot more motivation to go on.


Until now, he has been ridden every day this year except two(January 1st when I flew to Hamar and yesterday, I was exhausted from work), so we are going strong so far. But what is really incredible is how he is still the same horse – I know, right? Totally weird. But he has so much energy, and his personality is exactly the same. He has so much determination and I just love that about him.

So I can conclude and say that I am really looking forward to the rest of this year. And I will pray to every God and holy creatures that the cancer will not come back. That is the last thing I need after how 2017 went on.

We have also been on a couple hacks so far, and Baldur is loving it. There are so many more hacking possibilities here, and that is of course most of his nature. He even bolted with me last time, but it wasn’t to be mean or anything. I think he just missed being able to go full force. His ears were pricked the whole time and I just took myself the time to slowly get him down to a walk instead of panicking. He did so well and we could walk home with one hand on loose reins.

I will do a stable tour in a little while, hopefully sooner than later! I am so excited to show you the place!


Photo above: There is absolutely no problem with the flow in trot!


Photo above: I was not actually expecting and lift or speed in the tölt(it takes a lot of energy), but Baldur had no problem and he gladly went all force without me needing to ask.


Photo above: No problem with hind leg action, either!


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