Arctic Gaits at AEG

I’ve been working at Arctic Equestrian Games since friday now, so I am on my 6th day of working for the press! So far it has been a lot of fun. It’s very tiring, but it’s definitely worth it!

On saturday and sunday, the Icelandic Horses entered the arena. I was of course in my right element. I had asked prior to the event that I could cover everything connected to the fluffy ponies, and I got my wish granted. I covered the four gaits and five gaits qualifications and the clinic with Stian Pedersen on saturday, as well as the finals in four gaits and five gaits on sunday.

I wanted to share some goodies with you from the four gaits and five gaits, both the qualification classes and the finals from sunday! The horses and riders performed like champions, and I love how they so elegantly represented the gaited breeds.

I will be staying one more day at AEG, and hopefully I will be back to my own gaited horse by friday. I have done a little bit of shopping as well, with the money I have earned so far and I am looking forward to share it with you!

As for now I hope you will enjoy the photos I got under the gaited shows. Have you been at a gaited show before?


Photo above: Mona Tysland Lillehagen on her horse Hlekkur fra Løvik. They won the finals of five gaits.


Photo above: I don’t think it’s possible to get a serious photo of Stian, he happily poses for the camera!


Photo above: Mane and forelock on point! There is no lack of hair flying in the win in these classes!


Photo above: Stian Pedersen(who gave me a lesson here) on his horse Bylur fra Breidholti.


Photo above: I have till now witnessed a ton of awards ceremonies though out my stay at the Arctic Equestrian Games, and I have not yet to see anything more calm than the Icelandic horses. These ponies are definitely a solid kind.


Photo above: Agnes Helga Helgadóttir on Sigur fra Jakobsgården who took the first place in four gaits. 


Photo above: Yet another prideful pony! This is Christina Lund riding Salmur fra Ytra-Skördugili. Did you know he is Baldur’s cousin?


Photo above and under: Christina Lund got the same score as Agnes, but the judges had to make a second evaliation, placing Christina Lund and Salmur fra  Ytra-Skördugili in second.


Photo above: Another great equipage, Gabrielle Severinsen on Tigull fra Kleiva.


Photo above: Hallvard Kjøllmoen Steien on Sökkul fra Dalbæ.


Photo above: And of course we cannot forget Caroline Gleditsch Holstad riding Jökull fra Svalbarðseyri. Caroline has also given me a few lessons, and she will be helping me more in the future!


6 thoughts on “Arctic Gaits at AEG

  1. Så godt å høre at det gikk bra med både Stian og Agnes! 😄 Bylur er utrolig flott, men jeg holder en knapp på Sökull, han forblir nok den peneste hesten jeg har sett😂😍 Har alltid hatt ett godt øye for den hesten!
    Skulle gjerne vært å sett på selv.


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