Moving forward and working out

I can easily say that I am glad we are having a “break” with all the cancer drama. It’s not gone, but it’s not now, do you feel me? The specialist is not worried, which makes it a heck of a lot easier on my behalf. I am finally starting to stress a little less and I can focus on the good stuff.

So today(this was a few days ago, but I wrote it at the same time day I posted this blog post) we got to try the new bit I bought! I was looking at a specific bit from Skoies that has an anatomic double jointed mouth piece. I was literally drooling just looking at it, but it is on the expensive side. So it was pure luck that I saw an ad that was just posted by a woman who was selling hers in the size I was looking for! It was never used and she sold it for half the price – a steal! I had no doubt when I told her I’d take it. A couple days later, it came in the mail!

Moving on to today, we finally got to try it out! It has a little bit longer shanks than the one we tried, but it fits him perfectly! It couldn’t have fit him better, as quoted by Madeleine who helped me fit it! Baldur was literally a dream to ride today. We have only been hacking for over a week, and he was fit for fight! He had so much willpower and energy, he was fantastic!

We will be riding for an instructor hopefully next week and then keeping it at a regular basis. We haven’t ridden for an instructor in half a year, so I think it’s about time!

I am looking forward to developing myself and Baldur even further this year, who knows how far we can reach? I am not going to stop trying, my motivation is back!


Photo above: There is definitely no lack in hind end action!


Photo above: Something that we have to work on is the slow tölt. I need to get him to sit more on his hind end and really work!


Photo above: Tölting on loose reins – no problems! Maybe we will enter T2 one day? T2 is a  tölt class where the focus is on riding without contact on the reins!


Photo above: One of my favorites! Fabulous hair and fabulous form!


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