Freezing cold at full speed

It’s been a while since we have let the boys run outside, so it was about time to let them loose! Baldur has been tricky to bring inside lately, hence the reason for his halter being on. Just so that I could catch him again after they were done running. Wouldn’t risk him not willing to come back inside and freezing to death!

It was a lot of fun and the horses kept running and running. They were really pleased with the situation, and happy to go on and play! They actually came back to us when they were “done” and we gave them lots of love and treats.

I am actually very impressed with how short Baldur’s coat still is. It’s almost three months since he was clipped, and I think it’s going to hold until spring when the summer coat comes creeping in! I think the new stable is hotter at night, so they are not at cold as they used to, very nice!

Back to the release of the Iceys, they had a blast, and the sun was shining in a nice way making it perfect photo conditions. I just had to capture the moments, and I believe the photos turned out good!


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