Doing treatments alone

It’s been a while since I last talked about cancer, and the reason for that is that there has been a couple complications. First related to Baldur not willing to drop while using Domosedan gel(oral sedative), and secondly when I did not get the right sedatives intravenously from a veterinarian.

After taking Baldur to Oslo for the specialist to look at him, we were put on a plan to wash Baldur every week, twice a month with sedatives so that I could give him a thorough wash. To cut it short, the oral sedatives did not do the job. I tried two times, once before AEG and one right after. It did not do the work. My regular veterinarian just had her baby, so I had a new vet come in. I instructed that I needed the one type of sedative(Plegicil, it makes them drop easier), and that I would be able to handle it by myself.

That did not go to plan as the veterinarian did not bring the sedatives I specified, drugged him with another sedative, and Baldur did not drop. It was a bit chaotic after that and I panicked hard, as this is a very touchy subject. I talked with my regular veterinarian, and she could recommend me another one to come and sedate Baldur. Thankfully she came and brought the right sedatives, so I could wash him properly and inspect him!

There were sadly three new papillomas, but I was able to put on some of the chemo treatment, and I am hoping they are gone till next time I get him sedated. It was such a relief that it wasn’t any worse, since it had after all gone over a month since we were in Oslo. We were two weeks over due, so you can probably understand my panic.

Other than that, I “look forward” to washing him every week, that a great way to bond. Haha. In two weeks we will hopefully be entering the Mjøscup 1, one of two competitions in the cup at Biri Travbane. I am really excited to see how it goes, and of course to see how we are doing so far, judging and all.

I forgot to bring my fancy camera, so I only got phone photos for you this time!


Photo above: Having had vets in and out for the last half year, I have built up quite a nice box of medical supplies.


Photo above: Baldur drugged and ready to go!


Photo above: Two of the new papillomas I discovered.


Photo above: Finished with applying the chemo treatment by myself, am I a veterinarian soon or what?

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