A surprising comeback

I am back from this years first competition, and I can say with no doubt in my heart that my horse is my life force. He is the best thing that has ever happened to me, and he makes my world a much brighter place.

Ever since Baldur got the cancer diagnosis, I was sure that this was it for us. No more hard work, no more long hacks, and definitely no more competitions. Baldur has been a literal hero(definition: someone who is admired for their courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities). I have so much gratitude towards this horse, and I will never be able to give back what he has given to me through these years.

Today was supposed to be a competition we entered just to get back into showing, to get pinpoints on how to get better, and to see where we stand. I was of course hoping to get a placement, but it was definitely nothing in my expectations. We actually managed to get over 5 in score at the tölt program(T3 senior)! 5,10 to be exact. We won a green ribbon for 5th place! Last competition, where I thought we did amazing, we got 4,83 in tölt, but Baldur has really showed improvement even though we have been struggling these past months with the whole cancer deal.

When I was warming up for the second class, one of the competition staff came over to tell me that one of the judges really liked the way I rode Baldur. They thought the way I rode Baldur was nice. That was such a nice thing to hear, that they appreciated the way I ride him. It really gave me a confidence boost!

In the four gaits(V2 senior) Baldur also did great! We actually managed to get the trot right as well as he did not bolt in the canter. We got a score of 5,37 and were placed in seventh place. I was so happy when we were done that I couldn’t stop smiling and gaping like a fool. I felt like the happiest person on earth, and I think Baldur understood it, because he was also so pleased and happy! Today has been a milestone, and I hope this is one in many that we get to experience together!

We got some great scores in V2! 6 for fast tölt and 6,5 for trot! I also have to add that is was extremely cold today. It was thankfully sunny most of the day, and that helped a lot for riding in between -10 and -20 celsius!

Maja come with me to the competition and took some amazing photos of us. Camilla also helped with some filming, and the video will be posted in a couple of days when I get time to sit down and edit it.


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