AEG Shopping Haul

I finally get to show you what I bought while I was at AEG! It wasn’t much in quantity, but in quality rather! I earned quite a bit of money on selling the photos I took at the competition, and I actually managed to afford the pants I’ve been drooling over for the past few years! I was hoping to be able to earn money so that it could almost “discount” the pants, but I actually made enough to buy three pairs(I only bought one pair though)!

Under this paragraph you can see a photo of my new pants. I had to go up two sizes because they are so small in their sizing! These are the Top Reiter “Pocket” Softshell riding pants, and the price is at 2479,- NOK, or roughly $320 USD. I have never tried on better riding pants than these. And riding in them is on a whole other level! They are absolutely amazing riding pants and also my new favorite pair. It felt weird to have so expensive riding pants in the stable.


The next item on the list is also from Top Reiter! I was actually not looking for a new girth, as I already have an OK girth from before. But I was of course in a shopping mode and I couldn’t resist getting this wide, Easing-Girth. It is meant to evenly distribute the pressure around the girth area so that the ride is more comfortable for the horse. And you all know that I do anything to make my horse feel like a king. The cost of this girth was 1449,- NOK, about $190 USD, a little pricy this one too! Picture below!


Next up is something that I have been wanting for a while(since I bought the Icelandic Harmony shanked bit for competing). It is a Hrimnir Cavession, a high noseband. It has really soft leather and fit Baldur like a dream! It’s also the same brand as the neck piece I already had(with the similar browband as in the photo below). The price on this noseband wasn’t too bad, at 549,- NOK, around $70 USD.


I wasn’t planning on buying a new bit, but I have been kind of in love with the bits from Hrimnir for a while. The detail is gorgeous! They had them on AEG for 1099,- NOK($140 USD), but I was lucky enough that my friend Anneli was selling hers in the right size for half the price! It’s good to have some variation in the bits, so now I have the double jointed Hrimnir as well as my straight eggbut bits.


It was about time to get Baldur a new stable halter for “regular” use around the barn and such. I mean, I haven’t bought him a regular halter since I first bought him two years ago. I fell in love with this tan and marine halter from B Vertigo, and there was no doubt when I purchased this one! It fit Baldur perfectly! It was on 50% sale as well, so it only cost me 180,- NOK, approximately $20 USD!


And lastly, I couldn’t resist picking some treats for Baldur. There was a Lexa stand where they sold treats. You’d pay around 80,- NOK($10 USD) for a bucket, and you could fill it as full as you possible could, as long as you could get the lid on. Surprise, surprise, I filled the bucket so full that the lid had a curve in it. But hey, it stayed on! Getting the most out of my money on this one! The flavors from left to right are: Carrots & beets, pineapple, multi mix and mint!


I do believe these are all very necessary items! I have also began feeding Baldur with EQmach again, as well as I just got in a new supplement called MSM. It actually contains a lot of sulfuric acid that is hopefully going to help Baldur on his summer eczema. But anyhow, what do you think of my little haul? 

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