Bitless and bridleless

It has been a lot of focus on working the tölt for the competition lately. And since we had such a great experience at the competition, Baldur has had a little break from the hard training. It’s important to give the horse variation in training, so that he won’t get bored or lose interest. 

I’ve tried to be a bit spontaneous lately, which has resulted in some nice hacks, bridleless work and some trick traning! Baldur has been very relaxed lately, and I think that has to do with the temperatures rising. But it’s quite nice to have a calm, steady horse(apart from when he spooks, though)!

We rode bitless and bridleless, but with a saddle this day. I can’t lie, Baldur is horrible to ride bareback. His trot is almost impossible to sit down to, so I safed it by choosing my sturdy saddle. We haven’t done much bridleless work lately, but Baldur still remembers it. He behaved like a gentleman and gave me such a good feeling. It was pure joy to ride, and that is exactly what I strive for in my riding and horsemanship.

Although I don’t ask much of him in collection, we like to work on the basics like turning, moving the front end and moving the hind end. One of the things we work most at is actually the “stop”. It is an essential thing to have when riding with less gear. So I try to make the stop a fun and rewarding exercise. It has helped in many situations where I for example lose balance and need a quick break.

However, we can’t get too dreamy just yet! There is another competition coming up in just two weeks! So we will hopefully be ready by then to show everyone what we can do!


Photo above: Baldur trying to be a dressage horse perhaps? Sadly no activity in the back!


Photo above: This is more like what I want. Relaxed top line.


Photo above: When something is spooky and your horse forgets how to horse. His legs came to half the length!


Photo above: No hands, no problem!


Photo above: My absolute favorite picture!


Photo above: You can see how loose my girth is! I think Baldur does blow in air to make himself fat when I tighten the girth. But the saddle stays!


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