Two new additions to the family!

It’s been a while since my last update, but yesterday I did something that I have been wanting to do for a long time. I got myself a pair of Gerbils! Ever since I moved to Hamar and started living alone, it’s been very empty without having the cats around me at all times.

So a couple of days ago, Kiko and Yuuto came into my life! They are 6 week old brothers, Kiko is the honey cream and Yuuto is the black eyed white. If they only knew how pampered their lives will be!

I also made a little video of them today as I was exploring some video settings on my Canon camera. They were too cute!


We won!

I guess it’s pretty clear in the title, and yesterday’s competition was perfect. If we look away from the awful weather, that is!

I was actually thinking of eliminating myself because I was feeling very sick. I had been up since 5 in the morning with stomach ache and cold sweat, and I was so out of strength. But I had to at least try to get myself up and to the competition area and see. After eating breakfast and drinking more water, my body and me were getting more and more along.

I am so glad that I decided to go, as we had an amazing day! We did not only break one personal record, but we broke two! In the tölt class(T3) we ended at a total score of 5,5. The ground was rock solid like pavement because of the cold weather, but Baldur didn’t mind. We ended up at a third place with a blue ribbon in that class!

Later the same day, we had our second class, the four gaited class(V2). Since it was after noon and the weather was much milder, the rock solid ground had turned into a muddy disaster! Not only that, but it was snowing like crazy! The weather Gods weren’t on our side. But again, Baldur didn’t mind, and he happily performed! We ended up with crushing our old record and getting a total score of 5,63! We are getting closer and closer to the big 6! And as the title says: we won.

When I found out that we won the V2 class, I literally cried. My friend and competition, Madeleine, had to hug it out with me and calm me down. It has been half a year since Baldur was diagnosed with cancer, and I was sure that I was never going in the ring with Baldur again. So I have to say that it feels like we can do anything from this point on.

I am so happy, and Baldur was such a great companion! His ears pricked and he was always looking for treats and cuddles. He is a true champion to me.

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A big thanks to Camilla Bastiansen for the two first photos, and Anne Kirketeig for the rest! You can find her photography page here!

Painted dream horse on the loose

The snow is slowly melting away, and with the melting snow comes the grey grass and mud. Another stage before we finally get spring. But we have managed to get a few more photos in the Norwegian snow!

We let the horses run loose on in the outside riding arena, and they had quite a bit of fun! From rolling, eating snow and chasing each other at full speed. The weather was once again on our side, and the photos speak for themselves!