Letting go of the reins!

I know it has been a very dry period when it comes to blogging. Not much has happened, and I am pretty much working every day with exams or at my job. The summer has finally come to Norway, and everything is green and warm, I love it!

Baldur had about three weeks off due to some back issues, so he had a couple of sessions with an equine masseuse. His body has improved alot in the short time, and I was able to ride him once before the next competition! You got it right, I rode him just once before riding at the competition. Since his muscles have not faded and his energy level has been on top, I decided a small competition will not hurt.

Himmelspretten, as it is called, is a very casualy competition where all kinds of equipages, from beginners to experiences. A perfect time opportunity to try something new! So I entered us in the class called T4. T4 is the same at the other tölt class, just that the last task is tölt on loose reins! I have always wanted to try this with Baldur, but I never dared to enter, because I have been expecting him to go crazy and just bolt off if I let go of the reins.

We haven’t really been practising riding tölt on loose reins either, it’s just been this thing that we do from time to time. To my surprise, Baldur did amazing! He was so stable, and he kept the tölt for over three rounds! Tölting Baldur on loose reins can be tricky, as he tends to fall over to trot if you don’t work him. So I had to constantly keep working and working him so that he wouldn’t transition to a trot. And it worked! In addidion, at the last competition, his weight boots broke. So this time we tried without weights, and he did great!

In T4 we ended up with a total score of 5,0 and first place! In V2(four gait) we ended up with a total score of 5,33 and 11th place!


Photo above: After the first class, T4, we had about three hours until our next class. So we used the time wisely, walking around the competition area and getting him exposed to different things!


Photo above: One of my favotite photos from trot! He is actually uphill here!


Photo above: Photo from the fast tölt!


Photo above: He looks so content!

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