17 March – Gaited at Biri Travbane, T3 & V2 senior

The best comeback that I could ever imagine! Baldur showed great willpower and joy this day! Fifth place in T3 with 5,10 and seventh place in V2 with 5,37!

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1 October – Gaited at Biri Travbane, T3 & V2 young rider

Our first gaited competition in about 1,5 years. But Baldur really showed me his good side, and delivered in everything! Second place in T3 with 4,83 in grade. Second place in V2 with 5,43 in grade.

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9 April – Show Jumping 80 & 90cm

Eliminated in 80cm due to rider forgetting jump 6. 4 faults in 90cm.


1 October – Show Jumping 80 & 90cm

Our second show jumping and first competition after moving to Hamar! Clear round in both 80 and 90cm, 2nd place in 90cm!

1-2 May – Club Championships

Our first try at V1 and T1! 4th place and grade 5,05 in T1. 3rd place and grade 4,77 in V2, we won our first pokal!

17 April – Pay and Jump

Our very first show jumping competition! Clear round in 60 and 80cm.

21 March – Winter Cup Part 3

Grade 4,5 in T3 and 4,8 in V2.

12-13 February – Winter Cup Part 2

Second part of the Winter Cup and our second competition! 4th place in T3 with grade 5,4 and grade 5,3 in V2.

9 February – Winter Cup Part 1

Me and Baldur’s first competition together! Ended up at 11th place with grade 4,7 in T3 and 7th place with grade 5,1 in V2.