Painted dream horse on the loose

The snow is slowly melting away, and with the melting snow comes the grey grass and mud. Another stage before we finally get spring. But we have managed to get a few more photos in the Norwegian snow!

We let the horses run loose on in the outside riding arena, and they had quite a bit of fun! From rolling, eating snow and chasing each other at full speed. The weather was once again on our side, and the photos speak for themselves!


Freezing cold at full speed

It’s been a while since we have let the boys run outside, so it was about time to let them loose! Baldur has been tricky to bring inside lately, hence the reason for his halter being on. Just so that I could catch him again after they were done running. Wouldn’t risk him not willing to come back inside and freezing to death!

It was a lot of fun and the horses kept running and running. They were really pleased with the situation, and happy to go on and play! They actually came back to us when they were “done” and we gave them lots of love and treats.

I am actually very impressed with how short Baldur’s coat still is. It’s almost three months since he was clipped, and I think it’s going to hold until spring when the summer coat comes creeping in! I think the new stable is hotter at night, so they are not at cold as they used to, very nice!

Back to the release of the Iceys, they had a blast, and the sun was shining in a nice way making it perfect photo conditions. I just had to capture the moments, and I believe the photos turned out good!


Portraits in the snow

It’s finally starting to get warmer here in Norway, which makes it so much easier to get out and have photoshoots. Both for horse, rider and photographer(hands get cold so fast)! So today we grabbed the opportunity and got some nice photos in the snow!

I have been wanting to get photos like this for a while, but I was quite unsure on where to actually take them. As the background and light is a huge factor in getting decent photos. But I decided to try out the trail leading from the stable to the other, long trails, and it turned out to be perfect for photography!

I am so sad that I didn’t put any makeup on, so I have to excuse myself for looking like a potato. But can we please just take a moment and look at my gorgeous horse?! How lucky am I to have this wonderful creature with me? Ah, I love him.

As a little side note, I will be leaving for Arctic Equestrian Games friday morning to work as a press photographer! I have had many people order photos of their classes, so I hope it goes well and that I can do both the classes for the press and the classes for the entrants. We will see! Should I post some of the photos that I will be taking? There will be dressage, show jumping, puissance and not least gaited!

I hope you enjoy the photos from today as much as I did!


Challenging my fate

Another Norwegian term I like to use when I am doing something reckless! Okay, it may not seem like an incredible stunt or something dangerous at all, but keep in mind that my little painted goof-ball has had some issues with holding his energy at bay. So I do feel pretty bad ass for letting go of the reins – bareback, in canter, on the fields.

But here we are! I have to admit that Baldur has become much calmer and relaxed over the years, much thanks to Witanor Horse(feed supplement) for helping on that department. But he has also come to a point in his age where he starts to grow up. At least I hope this is it. I mean, he is 12 years old. How much longer is he going to act like a baby?

Back to riding bareback with no reins – this isn’t new to us at all, but everything becomes riskier once you leave the gate and go out in the open. I’m not going to lie, I have been on plenty of hacks bareback in just a neck rope, but it has been a while since that time. But as it looks now, we might be heading back to that. At least I might try to ride him on the fields with a neck rope and the bridle as an emergency brake. You can never be too safe, right?

Now back to these photos, this was actually the day after I received the call from the veterinarian confirming Baldur has a benign cancer. So having a photo shoot to get my mind elsewhere was much needed! We had a lot of fun, and it was so freeing to ride across the fields like this.


Photo above: I absolutely love the colors in this! I am not really a fan of orange, but the colors of autumn never let me down!


Photo above: I gave him loose reins in the canter to see where is mindset was at. He was relaxed and available. I always test my limits before I cross them!


Photo above: Slowly letting go of the reins, one hand at a time. Still testing our limits here!


Photo above: Finally letting go and getting the extra feeling of freedom.


Photo above: And of course, a photo shoot is never complete without some action shots(we don’t really rear often, it is mostly for play or photos).


Photo above: Did you know I taught Baldur to rear on voice command? This way he knows the rear both riding and on ground, by simply having the same noise cue. He is very clever! And it also releases me from having to put contact on the bit.

Snuggling up with Aztec Diamond Equestrian

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As an update for you all, I talked with the vet again on Monday. She had talked with a specialist in equine reproductive organs, and they decided the best way to go was with chemo therapy. We will hopefully start the treatments this upcoming Monday, that is if they can get a hold of the drugs. The drugs have to be accepted in to Norway(some strong stuff), and we hope to have it in by tomorrow. Baldur will have treatments every two weeks until the papillomas are gone, and no one knows how many treatments it will take. But I am starting to feel optimistic.

However, Aztec Diamond Equestrian doesn’t stop to impress me with their base layers. I am wearing the white base layer in these photos. I also had this one under my show jacket when we competed in gaited!

And of course, I can’t have a post where I don’t show a tad of motherly love towards Baldur. These photos are from a few days ago, when we decided to take a little photo shoot up in the fields. As you can see in some of these photos, you get a taste of Baldur’s personality. He is curious and goofy, but he is still so gentle and warm. These are some of my favorite traits about Baldur.

I’d also like to point out that when I first got to know Baldur, he was extremely head shy and was not interested in being “friendly” with people. If I tried to pet him on the face, he would turn away in a blink, and if you wanted to brush his face, you’d have to hold him by the halter. Right now, we are at a point where he seeks the contact, and doesn’t say no to being massaged in the face with his favorite brush.

It took us a lot of time, and a lot of building trust, but we are finally getting somewhere! It’s kind of weird to look back at how he used to be when we first met versus how lively he has become. He has come a long way, and I can’t wait to see what else will change!


Photo above: After getting a good taste of my face, Baldur was interested in getting to know what my riding helmet tasted like as well! This is one of my favorite photos. It shows Baldur’s curious personality and me just having to cope with it(I was having a blast)!


Autumn vibes

So, a few days before we got the dreaded diagnosis, me and Maja took advantage of the autumn colors that have appeared in Norway recently. It had been a while since we teamed up to photograph the boys, and the weather was too perfect for photographing to turn down this opportunity!

The autumn view in Hamar is just so beautiful right now. Almost all the trees have turned bright red, orange and yellow. Very soothing for a tiny-bit stressed soul. Of course, the horses are enjoying the dry, colder weather! I am looking forward to snow, but at the same time, I am not! I am not very excited about walking to the stables when it’s icy and cold outside. But nothing beats a nice canter in half a metre of snow!

The snow has already come to several parts of Norway already, so I am at high alert and I won’t be surprised if I wake up one day and notice that the autumn colors are gone and all I can see is white. But we will take it as it comes! Looking forward to getting winter pitcures again!


Photo above: Starting off with a little squaring to be able to look back at how well his body looks at the moment! He is fit and has a fair amount of muscles!


Photo above: Of course, no photoshoot is complete without a smile!


Photo above: This one can never turn down a treat, so he gladly performs to be rewarded afterwards!


Photo above: And here, ladies and gentlemen, a typical Baldur. Calm and zen in one minute, and in another, something is dangerous! I think it was a cow that spooked him this time, as they have a large pen behind the stables. Baldur never really appreciates his family.


Photo above: And of course I wanted to get a semi-closeup of his new show halter. I even got him a nameplate!


Photo above: Another typical Baldur moment. Having only three legs must take a toll.


Photo above: Baldur sure knows how to act like a model!

Playing dress-up

I figured I would post the photos from this shoot we had late summer, before I decided to cut my hair short(BIG MISTAKE). The weather this day was actually quite perfect for photographing, the sun was up, but it was cloudy enough that the shadows would blend in a nice way. Talking photo-geek language!

And as the equestrian I am, I bought this dress, used it in this photoshoot, and it has been forgotten inside my closet ever since! So much for photos, am I right? I might be a little too excited about photos, but to me, quality is the number one on my priority list! My poor friends who get so much instructions, “do this, sit there, crawl here”, it’s weird they don’t get mad with me!

As a little update, I am thinking of digging inside my norwegian blog archive and translate my “golden posts” that received a lot of attention. I have planned to translate the blog I wrote about using your seat when riding, and also some other “opinion blogs”. Just so that I don’t bore you guys with only photoshoot blogs and updates.

I think it will be a nice way to “present” myself more to you, my readers, and let you know what I feel and think of about different topics.


Baldur’s relationship with water

I think both me and Baldur have some unresolved arguments when it comes to going to the beach and into the water. Baldur was never really in love with water when I first started to lease him, but I on the other hand, love the water. So of course, I try to make him like it too. The thing is, Baldur is an insecure type.

Baldur scares easily, and he doesn’t like to be put in positions where he thinks there could be danger. One of the first things I noticed with Baldur when we were in water, was the fact that he is scared because he can’t see his feet. This was proven when I started stroking his feet underwater, and he freaked like a baby. He rose on his back feet and tried to get away, almost like me when I walk into seaweed(I hate seaweed).

So after this, I have basically been trying my best to make the water a good place for him. I can ride him a little bit in the water, but both me and Baldur feel more safe when I am in the water with him. He usually tries to cling to me and becomes a little too pushy, but he usually back off when I’ve had enough. He is also the type of horse who thinks it is so much fun to splash water, and then gets scared because it splashes too much.

Today was no exception. We started off riding, and it ended with me jumping into the water with him. The water was actually quite nice, even though it is in a Norwegian fjord. The sun kept us warm and the water’s temperature was just right. We didn’t get to go as far out for a swim as I wanted to, because the tide was too far up to reach the deep parts of the beach.