Our feeding routines

Our feeding routines are a big part of the daily routines. To have a healthy and happy horse, the insides are what counts the most. The feed I have decided to give Baldur is to keep a balance in his gut flora, to keep his skin, fur and mane healthy, and not least to keep him fit and muscular. I do also give him special supplements to keep his eczema in check.

  • Witanor Horse (link)

First of all, let’s start with the one supplement I have been using for ages. To be more exact – 3 years! Witanor Horse is a supplement I started using when I bought Baldur, and it has helped us so much! Not only does it help him gain weight(he had a period where he was very skinny), but also muscle mass that stays forever. Since getting his diagnosis, we’ve had periods of 3-5 weeks at a time where he would stand still. But his muscles never faded. That way it was easier to take breaks and come back without having to work alot to get back to where we were before the break. In addition, Witanor does wonder for the stamina! Baldur can go on for ages without tiring.

Witanor also helps to stabilize the gut flora. Baldur has, cross my heart, NEVER had diarrhea since I started giving him Witanor. He also used to be very skittish, something that has “tuned down” since we started this supplement. He is still skittish, but the level of skittish is way lower than it used to be. His fur is also great, and it has helped alot with the worst parts of the eczema. Not only has it helped with all of the above, but I do strongly believe it has helped Baldur alot with healing processes. Taking biopsies, using chemo treatments, and generally wounds – it all heals faster for Baldur. I definitely recommend this product!


EQmach is another product that I have grown to love. This product is great for avoiding the lactic acid building up while working out so that we can work longer, but it also helped Baldur to keep focus and improve his stamina. EQmach is also great to strengthen the joints and tendons over time, it helps with quicker restitution and reducing stress in the horse.

Baldur has always been the stressed type of horse, but this has really changed! Especially on shows and competitions, I get alot of comments about how relaxed and happy he seems to be on the competition grounds. The new apple flavour also smells delicious – almost like apple tea!


  • Trikem MSM

MSM is something I just recently started to give Baldur. MSM actually contains sulfur, which is great for the immune system. Especially when it comes to Baldur and his eczema. In Iceland, there is natural amounts of Sulfur in the air, but when Baldur came to Norway, that has much less Sulfur, his immune system stopped working as good as in Iceland. So with MSM, I hope to bring his immune system back in to gear.

We have been  using this for around 3-4 months now, and I already see a noticable change. He reacts less to bug bites(he is allergic to gnats especially), and I have days where I don’t put on his eczema rug. Right now, I am trying to see how long we can go without the eczema rug!


  • Diamant, Multi-vitamins and Betfiber

Oh yes, we have more to the list! Champion Diamant(the top left cup), or Diamond in english, is a mix of muesli feed. It has a high fiber content, 15% apple, it has vitamins, minerals, is low on starch and has 10% fat. It also has some carrots! I also give Baldur Champion Multi-vitamins(top right cup), which speaks for itself! And lastly, Champion Betfiber, which is an easily digestible feed that adds fiber-based energy(from beet pulp). It also has some added electrolytes!


Below, you can see one of the buckets Baldur get’s every day. He gets one bucket in the morning, and one in the evening. Both buckets have the exact same: 

30ml Witanor Horse

15ml EQmach

15ml Trikem MSM

1dl Champion Betfiber

2dl Champion Diamant

0,5dl Champion Multi-vitamins

And at the end I add around 6-7dl of water to make a nice, thick porridge! Baldur absolutely loves this mix, and he is always eager to be taken inside in the evening to get his feed.

Lastly, he does of course get hay feed as well. Three times a day he is fed 3kgs of dry silage made for horse consumption. A total of 9kgs every day, but he can also go up to 10kgs or down to 8kgs, all depending on how much work he is in and if he is on the skinny or fat side. He also has a big, yellow block of mineral salt in his paddock, so that he gets free access to as much salt as he might need!


What are your feeding routines? Do you use any of these products, or similar?

Treatments and Witanor

It’s nothing new that I am doing the treatments of Baldur alone, but yesterday we got to document it as well. This is the second time I have done treatment on Baldur, and it’s not looking too bad. 

I found one of the spots on the darker skin that I thought I might as well put some treatment on, as they look like the papillomas. Better to be treated than not, I guess? I had a veterinarian come out to drug him with Plegicil to let him drop, and I did the rest myself. It’s easier for me this way. Being able to look closely by myself(I have been through this too many times and know exactly how it’s supposed to look), and treat him alone is also the cheapest option.

The veterinarian has sent in an application to get a prescription on Plegicil gel, so that I can try to drug him myself again. Since the regular sedative gel(Domosedan) didn’t work well enough on him, I have to try to get Plegicil. The thing is that it’s not prescribed to just anyone, so I hope I get it. It would make everything much easier and not least cheaper.

I am still thinking back at how well Baldur has been and is handling the treatments. I was told by my regular veterinarian that the horses who are treated can get tired, loose spark and have big wounds in the area of treatments. Baldur has done impeccable and he has shown no sign of change in behavior, and he is as energetic as always. I think a lot of this is thanks to the supplement I have fed Baldur on for the last 3 years. It’s called Witanor Horse, and it is enzymes and probiotics. The wounds from the chemo treatments heal so fast.

Not only does it help with keeping the lactic acid at bay, but it has done wonders on Baldur. He used to be so hyper before and run off in a bolt any time he seemed fit. But I think Witanor helps to keep him sane and “down to earth”. And of course, it helps a lot on his summer eczema. Less itching and more mane and tail growth! I should also mention that ever since I started Baldur on this supplement, he has never had a bad stomach. His muck is always nice and firm(I know horse people love to inspect poop). He doesn’t even get travel stomach, nor does he react to sudden change of feed.

Have you heard about Witanor? And would you try it if you had the chance? I know that a lot of Norwegians swear by this supplement(as do I). I know that it is being sold world wide as well! You can check out their website here, by the way!


Photo above: Can you see the huge papilloma-like spot?


Photo above: Another small papilloma(at the tip of my middle finger).


Photo above: My little man after the treatment was done! I am so glad to have such a kind horse. Standing still with no argument while being treated.