Back to square one

Today did definitely not go as I had imagined. Or it kind of did. I was hoping for a good result, but I was almost expecting his cancer to be back. Maybe not like this though.

Baldur’s cancer papillomas are indeed back. We counted 4 new papillomas today. They are not as big as they were before, so they should go away with treatment agian. We did give Baldur yet another treatment for the cancerous papillomas. It is a little scary that they are coming back, but that is actually not our main concern.

What I was not expecting, is the fact that there is something new that we do not know what is. And that’s really troubling me. So for now, my veterinarian will consult with an expert in horse’s reproductive organs, and they will probably want to see him in person for an evaluation. It’s not unlikely that we will have to travel to the Veterinary University of Oslo to let the expert look at him.

I was so happy from the last veterinary visit when the papillomas were gone. I have literally been planning this whole year’s competition season and I’ve just been so ready to get into it. And now I am back to the point where I have no idea what to do. I just hope that I am a little bit stronger this time. And I am definitely going to keep on excising him and not let him wither away like he did this winter.

I just hope that we find out what is the cause of all this and that it’s not something that is terminal. 


Photo above: Elephant skin on the left side of his penis. Dry and cracking, some blood coming out.


Photo above: One of the new papillomas(the smallest one) between the two thumbs. 


Photo above and under: The new skin disorder that we do not know what is. It lighter(almost white), thicker skin around his urethral opening. We did not treat this with anything as it is in such a vulnerable place and again, we do not know what it is. 


A snowy workout – part two

Better late than never, we also got some video clips from the session. I was actually pleasantly surprised that it didn’t look too bad. It felt much worst than it looked, trust me!

I am not really going to blabber too much about this, since I wrote the most part in my previous blog post here.

Oh, and don’t forget to turn on the high quality!

A stormy workout

I can safely say that yesterday’s workout was rather interesting. There had been a storm during the night, so I guess the horses were a bit tense. And as if that wasn’t enough, it was windy as hell and snowing. Great day to ride outside, am I right?

Well, the workout did not go smoothly. We had our disagreements and Baldur was more spooky than ever. He bolted more than he behaved and it was definitely not a pleasant ride. It was cold as well, so we were extra tense. Not a good combination at all.

But we got through it. Even with a little episode of a big bolt, sharp stop and a straight up on two feet. I had to back him up multiple times as he literally shut me out of communication. It was really not our day at all.

So, to conclude yesterday’s training session: I have learned to take him inside the riding halls if the weather is bad and there has been a storm at the night. I guess I have to take extra precautions for my sensitive horse. And I am choosing to share my bad experiences with you so that I can look back when we hopefully have emerged from it. And it is of course a learning experience.


Photo above: Little to no action and not collected at all, leaving him look very long.


Photo above: Much better here, but still very stiff.


Photo above: I got absolutely nowhere for asking him to collect in the trot, as his mind was everywhere but on me.


Photo above: The same goes for the canter as well. Very stiff and unfocused again. I didn’t even bother to try and collect him as I was too busy trying to keep the canter clean and not let him bolt off in a pace.



Photo above: Baldur did not care much for the headwind either. He bolted, I stopped him, and he went up. I sticked the rear and moved him forward again to let him know it did not affect me. It was however an unexpected rear, so I did not get the time to prepare, hence the bad hands. 


Photo above: We ended it when he started to listen a little bit to me, and he would relax a little. It took a while, but I feel like I can’t end a session in a bad way.


Finally back on track

I can finally say that we are headed in the right direction training-wise! We have started to settle at the new barn quite well, and we are loving it. It’s less stressful to get to and from the stables, and the routines are just going like a dream. Having a riding house really gives me no excuse to not ride, which in return gives me a lot more motivation to go on.


Until now, he has been ridden every day this year except two(January 1st when I flew to Hamar and yesterday, I was exhausted from work), so we are going strong so far. But what is really incredible is how he is still the same horse – I know, right? Totally weird. But he has so much energy, and his personality is exactly the same. He has so much determination and I just love that about him.

So I can conclude and say that I am really looking forward to the rest of this year. And I will pray to every God and holy creatures that the cancer will not come back. That is the last thing I need after how 2017 went on.

We have also been on a couple hacks so far, and Baldur is loving it. There are so many more hacking possibilities here, and that is of course most of his nature. He even bolted with me last time, but it wasn’t to be mean or anything. I think he just missed being able to go full force. His ears were pricked the whole time and I just took myself the time to slowly get him down to a walk instead of panicking. He did so well and we could walk home with one hand on loose reins.

I will do a stable tour in a little while, hopefully sooner than later! I am so excited to show you the place!


Photo above: There is absolutely no problem with the flow in trot!


Photo above: I was not actually expecting and lift or speed in the tölt(it takes a lot of energy), but Baldur had no problem and he gladly went all force without me needing to ask.


Photo above: No problem with hind leg action, either!


Moving Baldur to Stall Lehne

Yesterday was a big day for us! We finally moved the horses to a new location; Stall Lehne. We have been excited about this for a couple of month already, and now it’s finally done!

Me and Maja both moved our horses together, as both human and horses are inseparable. Having such a great best friend is definitely something I am grateful for. We spent the whole day in the old barn to clean up after us before our ride arrived. We loaded the horses and set course for the new barn.

It went really smooth and the horses seemed very content, so we decided to check out the riding halls. I was skeptical about Baldur’s response to the mirrors, but I was pleasantly surprised that they didn’t bother him as much! The boys did great riding-wise and we could saddle off at ease. Both of them got carrots for their work and were put in their boxes.

A great end to an exciting day!

Recap of the year 2017

As most of you can probably understand, 2017 has been a hell of a year for me. It has consisted of unsteady water and rocky roads as far as eye can see. At least the last six months have been a struggle, to say the least. So I’d like to like to take a look-back at the year.

The year started off with riding moderately. I was very focused on the show jumping and entering shows. So we had regular lessons for a trainer and we entered one competition(it didn’t go very well though). We even experienced some falls along the way. One due to bolting, one due to rider’s error in jumping and one was an accident where Baldur spooked and gently tipped me off. It’s weird how all these falls came in a two-month-period, after not falling off for 2 years. I guess the time was due?

Moving on to spring break, I took Baldur back to Ålesund for the break. That’s when my likings for the gaited bloomed once again. I came back into a gaited environment, and both I and loved it. We got the chance to ride for a world champion and we had great feedback, which really sparked my motivation to get back into gaited competitions.

The fall came and we went back to Hamar for studies. At that point, my interest and motivation was at it’s peak. Me and Maja would ride literally every day. No dressage, no jumping, just hacks. She would ride as usual, and I would push Baldur in the tölt-training. Turns out training tölt on hacks is great for building muscle! And it really showed. Baldur was in great shape and ready for fight. We entered our first gaited competition in Hamar and it was amazing. I was thrilled.

Little did I know that it was drastically going to change when I noticed that Baldur’s sheath was swelling. I tried to wash it out to see if anything changed, but a couple days later, the swelling was still bad. But the veterinarian was on the way to float the horses, and I asked her to check him in the same day. Baldur was drugged and his sheat and penis was cleaned. There were some spots and skin that raised suspicion, and a biopsy was made two weeks later(the day after the gaited competition).

And we all know that the results were positive for cancer. After getting that message, everything went south. My mood dropped and I became so vulnerable, anxiety really took me by the ear and didn’t let go. I was totally unstable and anything could make me cry. But I had to keep going, there was no other option for me but to keep my head high and move forward.

Baldur was treated with chemo therapy every two weeks and when almost all the cancer was gone and I was starting to feel the relief, something had to happen. Baldur was suddenly lame and couldn’t walk. He would fall with every step and it was horrible. The veterinarian came(this was in the middle of treatments) and checked for bone breakage first. No breaks. It turned out it was a hoof crushing, and it had to be drained of blood. Baldur recovered in a couple of days, and we shoed him with pads to prevent him from taking more damage to the already thin sole.

I handed in my exams and before leaving home for the holidays, I finally able to breathe. We had another veterinary visit, and this time there was no need for another treatment as everything was gone. It was exactly what I needed and more. I could cry of joy. I know it’s not over yet, there are follow-ups to do, but man, I was relieved. It was the perfect end of a hectic year. All I can really say now it that i really look forward to the new year.

3D-model of Conversano

So, I am finally back home in Ålesund with my parents enjoying the relaxed life of no horse, no school and no work. To make the best out of the time here, I have decided to really dive into modeling. I got some experience last semester with modeling, but I never actually finished a horse model, as I never had time.

Now, however, I have all the time in the world! I can sit for hours in and really get to work in the 3D-space. I decided my first model was going to be a model of Conversano(one of the forefathers to the Lipizzan). I used one reference photo that was an old, drawn lineart from the side view. And I looked at many other references, especially close-ups of horse faces, muzzles and ears.

I am by no means an artist yet, my drawings are horrible(I literally can’t draw even if my life depended on it). So I don’t really understand how I manage to make a sculpture in three dimentions. I guess it will stay a mystery. But I am very pleased with the results(if we look away from the mane, it’s horrible), and I am excited to start working on the next model!

I am definitely going to try to make Baldur as well. And I am thinking of opening up for commissions. But I think I have to get back to that. I can however imagine it would be cool for “non-animators” to get a 3D-model of their horse. Maybe I can do a giveaway?

Without further adieu, let me present to you; Conversano.


Don’t forget to turn on HQ and full screen! ↓

And lastly, I’d like to ask. What do you think? Is this a kind of blog post that I should keep making and sharing with you?

We made it

Yesterday, Thuesday on December 11th, we could finally rest easy. The veterinarian came over for the year’s last treatment and behold – no more treatments were necessary! All of the papillomas are gone, and there is only scar tissue left where they used to be.

I was probably the happiest girl on the planet while speaking with the veterinarian. Every single papilloma is gone. Every little one. I can’t really describe how much relief I got in that moment. Knowing that we actually made it through all of this. I mean, we did it! We really made it!

I am at the point of being speechless, because there is not really anything else to say. We beat this cancer, and we will continue to beat it. After seeing the veterinarian every other week(sometimes more than once a week), it is almost weird that it is one and a half month till next time we have the veterinarian over. It is to have a control check to make sure that everything is as it should be.


Baldur will be checked then, and if everything is okay, he will be checked only once or twice a year. It’s amazing how strong Baldur has been through this, I am so proud of him.

As a little side-update, I am going home to Ålesund tomorrow to be with my family. My leasee will be taking care of Baldur, as well as a good friend. So I can relax and know that Baldur is in good hands while I take a break. I also delivered my exams last week, and I am very pleased with what I delivered. So I am very positive and ready to chill out for Christmas.

I will be doing some 3D modeling while on holiday, and I am hoping to model the head of Conversano, and maybe Baldur as well. I don’t know what the results will be, but I think I will share it here if I am pleased! Other than that, I said my goodbyes to Baldur, and I will see him again when I get back to Hamar next year.


Photo above: As you can see, there are no more white spots to be seen!


Photo above: The darker areas of his penis are the scar tissues that have come. They will probably heal and disappear, as they are very vague already!


I love my man to bits.

Baldur with a fresh rider

So, last weekend Anneli came to Hamar to visit me and Maja. We ended up going on a little trip to Sweden, going out to a restaurant to eat pizza, and then Anneli got to try out Baldur a couple of times! 

According to Anneli, Baldur is pretty much the opposite of her Icelandic Horse Kári, and it was a new experience for her. It was also good for me to see him with another rider and how he reacts to Anneli. It’s also a great way for me to see him being worked, without seeing him from above.

Anneli was really excited about trying out my Geysir Gold Plus saddle as well, as she is interested in buying it. I think I can say that she was very happy with it, and she liked it very much! So I don’t think it will be long until she gets one of her own, haha!

I think Baldur and Anneli were a great match! Some confusion in the start, since Baldur isn’t like what she is used to. If he understands what you ask, he is not hard to ask at all. But if there is confusion, he will clearly notify that he does not understand.

So I learned that Baldur indeed is a little bit tricky to ride in before you really get to know his riding “style”. I do also enjoy having a tricky horse, so when I actually have progress with him, it isn’t taken as lightly, if I can say it that way.

Anyways! It was fun to watch Baldur being worked by Anneli and how he responded to her. The weather was great, and the mood for the day. It was also fun for me to photograph my own horse in action and capturing the moments.


Photo above: I absolutely love the light in this photo. It is subtle, but strong. And the new snow makes everything better!


Photo above: Moving those hindquarters like a champ!


Photo above: At it again with the lights! 


Photo above: I think both the horse and rider enjoyed themselves.


Just our luck

I didn’t think we could get any more unlucky, but here we are. Baldur was a little lame yesterday, so I decided to give him over night to see if he would be better today. Surprise, surprise. He was so much worse this morning. He wouldn’t put any weight on his foot at all, and when he walked, it looked as if he would fall with every step. So I didn’t hesitate to call the veterinarian for an emergency appointment. 

I was literally so stressed out. Seeing how painful it was for him to move made me tear up, it was horrible. Thankfully the veterinarian came fast and checked him out. He was scored on the lameness scale to 4 out of 5 grades lame. She checked for broken bones, but it turned out it was all coming from one place – the hoof. The veterinarian pinched around the hoof and we found out he has something similar to a hoof abscess, but without the infection.

In other words, he has stepped on something hard and taken damage from it. Almost like when us human hit our finger with a hammer, and the finger gets blood under the nail. So we have to drain out the blood and put on a cover with a special kind of compress-like band-aid that will drain out the blood and relieve his hoof. He was given a strong dose of pain relief and to make him feel better faster, he also got some local anesthesia on both sides of his fetlock.

I am so thankful that it wasn’t as serious, this is actually a best-case-scenario. It could have been tendons, bone, or something else. So I am so relieved that it’s not something super bad. The veterinarian told me he should be better tomorrow, and that he will be healed in probably a week.

So this cover he has around his hoof will be changed every morning by me, and hopefully he will recover completely. It’s amazing how we have gone almost 3 years with Baldur being in tip-top shape, and all of the sudden everything crashes on us. First cancer, then this abscess, what’s next?


Photo above: This is how I found him. He stood like this, not wanting to put his leg down at all.


Photo above: You can so easily see it on his face that he is in so much pain. He usually has quite a relaxed face, so his expression here really pains me.


Photo above: Putting on the cover. You can clearly see where the anesthesia was put, and he reacted very fast with putting his foot down and letting it take some weight.


Photo above: His expression here is definitely more relaxed than before.


Photo above: The finished work after the veterinarian left for the day. He is supposed to be shod in a couple days, but due to the abscess, we have to push it a week just to make sure his hoof is okay.